We are now witnessing how two processors are being destroyed: So, for thorough examination of different parameters of the chips we used modified examples from the final version of DirectX SDK 8. This time we fulfilled the tests on the latest version – 3. In case of office applications the technology makes images softer and, therefore, more comforting for your eyes. Several video cards on this GPU were examined in our lab before. Is it the same Xabre with just lifted up frequencies due to the new fabrication process or something new? That’s all we had to say about peculiarities of the card.

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Now we have the synthetic tests of the 3DMark You’ll see SiS chipsets powering all manner of PCs from well-known system integrators in both desktop and mobile form.

Transcend Xabre 400 64MB Graphics Card Review @ TechMods

Also, you can adjust operation in 3D gradually from quality to speed. Besides, the drivers are still buggy – in some games the artifacts are well noticeable.

Only the Xabre could put an 64kb to the agonizing image of the firm. This test allows determining the maximum performance of the vertex shader unit. The general block diagram of the Xabre based card shows nothing new: What in the GeForce4 MX can push off, taking into account that such cards have an acceptable speed for their price? About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Optimized Mesh This test defines a real maximum throughput of an accelerator as far as triangles are concerned.

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The situation is strange and inverted as well! It’s impossible to disable VSync forcedly, but all tests used today can do that on their own. That is why all the memory is mounted above. Of course, it’s not the fault of the chips, but of the PCB’s layout.

The layout is the same. In most cases it loses. It would be a rather boring world if those two graphics cabre were the only ones plying their trade at the lower end of AGP add-on cards. Performance of Pixel Shader 1. Surprisingly, the MB card has outpaced its 64MB sister. So, for thorough examination of different parameters of the chips we used modified examples from the final version of DirectX SDK 8.

First and foremost, they don’t have new wanted functions such as multilevel anisotropy and pixel shaders, not to mention software implementation of vertex shaders. The Xabre got this support codenamed Vertexlizer. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. But it was with the old driver version. The Z buffer is disabled and HSR can’t affect the results: If the prices are equal the Xabre will lose.

Andrey Vorobiev anvakams ixbt. I could assume that some optimization in the drivers of the Xabre worked zabre and brought negative results remember the strange results of the matrix blending from the DX 8.


Apollo Blade Monster Xabre MB Video Card Review

Although the design is based on the reference one, the guys from Joytech made their own card. Why doesn’t the speed jump up while the frequency is falling down?

However, the memory overclocking is fairly disappointing because the 2. By the way, let me remind you of the articles on the Xabre based products that we have already published: Probably, the frequency could be even more higher, but the 3D Wizard utility coming with the drivers limits it to MHz.

Do you remember we said the Xabre had no hardware support 6m4b vertex shaders? In the tests we used SiS’s drivers of ver.

When SIS recently announced the Xabre line of Graphics chipsets the hardware community greated the news with some 64mn. Besides, the quality of processing of pixel shaders is higher again.