Proportional joysticks almost all use variable resistors potentiometers to detect the stick position. It’s all-plastic again, but it’s solidly constructed from white nylon, and lightly basted with red grease that should give it good wear resistance. This is the inside view of the twist-rudder lock at the bottom of the hand grip. And they’re quite inappropriate for console-style games. Here’s the motor inside the handgrip.

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It’s simple, but it works.

In Windows, thrustmaster firestorm install these controllers like a normal USB device, by setting up the software, and then plugging in the joystick. The Dual Power has two and a half metres of cable.

Firestorm Dual Power 3 PC | Thrustmaster

The Fox 2 base plate is made of plastic, too, but there are two stacks of steel weights to give the stick some mass. Between the two detents is the normal power range; below the bottom one turns the engine off; above thrustmaster firestorm top one turns the afterburner on. Thrustmaster thrustmaster firestorm more luxurious variants of these sticks that have a “realistic masked Fox 2 button”, with a little flip-up lid over it.


Thrustmaster’s page for firestorj Fox 2 Pro Shock. I could live without the Dual Power’s shaker motors, but you’re not paying a fortune to get them. The Fox 2 thrustmaster firestorm held together with four screws, and isn’t terribly difficult to dismantle and reassemble. Thrustmaster firestorm was, accordingly, interested to check out this stack of gear from Thrustmaster. I find this abnormal design feature mildly disturbing.


PC Game Controller – Firestorm Digital 3 | Thrustmaster

This isn’t the finest throttle-and-stick combo ever made, but considering the price, you can’t complain. Thrustmaster make quite a lot of joysticks carrying the “Top Gun” name. The trigger has thrustmaster firestorm microswitch, which gives it a nice positive click and should last well, too.

The button placement is OK, though, and thrustmaster firestorm top controls feel fine. Thrustmaster thrustmaster firestorm now owned by Guillemot Guillemot own Hercules, toobut they haven’t changed direction much.

The top of the stick has an index finger trigger, a second index finger button on the right hand side, thrustmaster firestorm two thumb buttons and the eight-way hat switch mini-stick on the back face. All of the controllers I checked out came with the software on CD, except the Fox 2 Pro, for some reason. They tend to be pretty heavily sprung, as well as excitingly expensive. Here’s the bottom of the Fox 2 Pro with its base plate unscrewed.

Most people don’t firestlrm one of those setups, though. The FireStorm Wireless has thrustmaster firestorm matching pair of channel switches inside the battery bay on its underside.

If the twistable stick annoys you – or if it’s just not useful in the game you’re playing It’s a high frequency device and so doesn’t need much of an antenna. The base of the Fox 2 Pro has the sculpted throttle slider and three more good-sized buttons, all of which are pretty well placed for thrustmaster firestorm with thrustmaster firestorm left hand.

And they’re quite inappropriate for console-style games. Thrustmaster firestorm make a lot more sense in joysticks, where a heavier base means a more stable stick.


You can see the white-cased stick gimbal assembly in the middle, the throttle slider and its own little pot to the right, and the electronics module in the top left corner. Four FireStorm Wirelesses set to different channels can all be used at once, thrustmaster firestorm very console-esque multiplayer entertainment. If you just can’t stand the idea of cables, though, or if you want to be able to control your PC from further than three metres away without fiddling with wires, then there’s the FireStorm Wireless.

Unfortunately, gameport A-to-D conversion is famously crummy; a lousy gameport will cause thrustmaster firestorm best joystick in the world to suffer from position drift and annoying location spikes.

The Dual Power’s the better of the two, if you ask me; wireless gaming isn’t that much of a feature for most users, and wired controllers don’t need thrustmaster firestorm.

Thrustmaster USB game controller roundup

You have to expect thrustmaster firestorm pay at least this much if thrustmaster firestorm want to get a game controller that’ll feel pleasant and fidestorm reasonably well. Frankly, I have my doubts about whether it’s worth paying 1. USB controllers have the A-to-D circuitry built into them.