For Vista 32 and Win 7 32 it is called netr Using the Command Prompt shell type the following command: For XP, go to C: These will later be reinjected back into the original Ralink Driver. How to work with ISCab. The link to download the Ralink driver is http:

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Plug in your Wireless device so that it will appear in device manager. Windows should now install the driver and you should be able to connect to your network.

Requires knowledge of command line and installshield cab file viewer software. Just wanted to show you where they were located. We need to keep them separated. This makes it very easy for anyone to update their driver!

Run the following command to make a file that lists all file groups and files in in the driver package. For Vista 32 and Win 7 32 it is called netr Another software that comes in handy is Zip Scan v2.

It also gives you more control over your adapter than the Windows Wireless Zero Utility does. There should now be 3 folders in c: This will make it easier to work with.


Ralink RT257x/RT2671/RT520x Series USB Wireless LAN Adapter Windows Driver, Utility

Download the Ralink Driver package Make a folder called rt73 on drive C. How to work with ISCab. You will rrt257x have to download i5comp to get 2 files to use with Zip Scan to extract files. Installshield Cabinet File Viewer from Installshield.

Ralink Wireless LAN Adapter Windows/Linux/Mac OS Drivers | Driver Laptop

What you need for this project: The list of files to extract railnk listed below. Unfortuneately Zip Scan can’t reinject files back into the original driver.

How to edit the files: For Vista 64 bit: The link to download the Ralink driver ralinkk http: If you look at the “Driver Details Then the package can be redistributed just like the original package and automatically install your linksys device.

Now you need to put the iscab folder into the path statement. This information is located in the help files of Zip Scan.


How to install the Installshield Cabinet File Viewer Once you have downloaded the installshield cabinet file viewer, unpack or copy it to C: Here is the list of files to extract and where to extract them to: For this package they are identical. If you don’t have administrative privileges then you can set up a path statement under “User Variables”.

Then go to C: Click on it to download the most recent driver and save it to “C: Extract the Ralink driver package from the self executing file: You will need this information once you have updated them to put them back in the right place. If you have any questions about reinjecting the files back into the Ralink package then please email me at mwvonlehe gmail.