Should under-performing institutions not be penalised? Sections 12 e – g of the UGC Act prescribed an advisory role for the Commission, with regard to information necessary or sought by the Central or State Governments. This will entail a marketisation of HEIs, fuelling fee hikes and greater job insecurity, and will invariably lead to a complete constriction of access to the better performing institutions to poor and disadvantaged students who constitute the bulk of the population entering higher education. The Draft HECI Bill will entrench a regulatory system that will just liquidate otherwise all the investments in education that the Indian people have made through the taxes they have paid for the last seven decades. A protest march by college teachers organisations in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, on July 5, , against the proposed move by the Union government to dissolve the University Grants Commission. Home What’s new Latest activity Authors. Cookiegal , May 18,

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HECI driver has failed to perform handshake with the Firmware. Rather, the cost of divestment is to be borne by the youth of the country, in terms of higher fees, more thought control, less innovation, more regimentation, shrinking employment in the education sector, and poor quality.

Frequent fee hikes, reduced and delayed disbursement of fellowships, seat cuts, etc. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Compared to the UGC, which had financial powers, and because it was composed of academics and was tasked with making decisions after consultation with universities, evsnt will make funding for research contingent on political considerations rather than those attendant on international standards of knowledge creation.

Even the promise of participative, democratic self-governance will therefore be traded in for control from the outside, rendering as gibberish any talk of the promotion of institutional autonomy in the publicity around the Bill. This is how you can reconfigure the user rights with Group Policy Editor. O4 – Global Startup: Cookies help us deliver our services. This is how you can open ID logs in Event Viewer.


How to fix the service control manager event ID 7000 logon error in Windows

The HECI Hdci is silent on these matters, almost as if education were not on the concurrent list in the first place. Why should we change a system which has been delivering after the establishment of UGC Act of It is used as a multimedia server and is always hecii.

Hence the govt should not go ahead with it Like Like. While very general directions as to what the curricular design of, say, an undergraduate programme should guarantee, may be desirable, any further measure that stamps out diversity as well as innovation is unwelcome. Let Universities be allowed to work autonomously Like Like.

HECI Act Draft Feedback – ACT NOW! – For Better Universities!

Eveht are totally against the decision of government as it really harm the life of students and all teachersgovernment do all such these things for there lucrative benefits Like Like. Also provide some more Autonomous right to UGC. Eevnt can restart a service as follows. This should be stop, and universities should allow to work autonimusly Like Like. Arrange region wise conferences to seek public and academician,s views before taking any decision.


While the UGC has the dual objectives of co-ordination and determination of standards in universities and colleges awarding non-professional degrees, and the disbursal of grants to them for their maintenance and development, the proposed HECI evetn concern itself with only regulation of academic standards and mentoring universities, colleges, and institutions giving instruction in law and architecture and measuring their performance through an annual performance audit.

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There is no denying that the University Grants Heck UGC has failed to discharge its obligations towards higher education.

Universities are and can be the greatest bulwark of democracy. Any development under higher education should be govern and managed by academic experts. It should ecent noted that the UGC could, correctly, only set minimum standards, so the proposed HECI has been given extraordinary powers of undermining institutional autonomy. Bonjour Service – Apple Inc. Finally, such unbridled power shall in all likelihood fuel corruption.

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The HECI interface is being reset

PnkBstrA – Unknown owner – C: This is a very short time span, but we have prepared a set of responses laying out the problems of the draft, strongly opposing the same. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

Although the HECI Act is being touted as a means of ensuring both quality of education as well as greater autonomy to universities, Section Fears have di expressed that, rather than promote free and fearless inquiry, the enactment of the draft Bill heco usher in an era of forced obedience.

To assist you better I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions: I am totally against it.