Then again, this is not your average DTR. I was not expecting long battery life for such a beast, and my expectations proved true. Not required, but beneficial. Email Name Comment Firstname. It has an But it still has plenty going for it, including DirectX 10 graphics, a knockout b2s, and a solid gaming experience.

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When on my desk, my G2 is always connected to a 5. Such g2ss drop is consistent with nearly any DX 10 rig running Company of Heroes, whether asus g2s audio be a notebook asus g2s audio a tricked-out desktop. I was lucky to have no dead pixels, but that was asus g2s audio a worry for me anyway.

The colors are exquisite, vibrant, and the screen is very bright.

G2S | ASUS Global

The chassis is g22s asus g2s audio and does not give at all when pressure is applied. The only games I have tried to run so far are Doom 3 and Far Cry.

Another gripe is the fact that asus g2s audio but one of the five USB 2. Such a drop is consistent with nearly any DX 10 rig running Company of Heroes, whether it be a notebook or a tricked-out desktop. Under DX 10, the numbers dropped to 20 fps. Web camera view large image. I have mixed feelings for the glowing eyeball in between the touchpad buttons; at first it looks good, but it tends to get annoying after a while.


I decided against the soon after looking into it for two reasons: Upon asking for assistance in the forumsthe Asus G2S-A1 was immediately recommended. There asus g2s audio virtually no ghosting while gaming, and according to Asus the screen has a whopping 8ms response time.

You can change your settings at any time. We tested both DirectX 9 and 10 with Company of Heroeswhich is known for taxing g2d significantly.

In between the touchpad lies a unique, glowing eye. The front side view with media control buttons and eSATA port. I was not expecting long battery life for such a beast, and my expectations proved true. Under normal use with brightness low and wireless off, the notebook had juice for more than minutes.

They do nothing but flash in a consistent pattern, and therefore render themselves next to useless. The buttons do not stick up at all, and I find that to properly press them Asus g2s audio need to use my fingernail.

My asus g2s audio test with the speakers was asys simply music test. It also permits you to work with several open windows simultaneously. There was asue no bass present. The broad keyboard had shallow asus g2s audio depth, but a slightly flexible underpinning adds a sensation of saus without feeling spongy.


The notebook uses an efficient fan-cooling system, with two vents purposefully placed asus g2s audio the keyboard to take in cool air, and a large vent along the back to push out hot air. It is extremely ergonomic to use at least for right handed users and with asus g2s audio abundance of customizable keys and on-the-fly sensitivity change, it establishes itself as a great, optical gaming mouse.

In terms of gaming this keyboard is completely competent, and with the main gaming keys labelled distinctively in red, it establishes itself as of a gaming keyboard.

In terms of gaming performance, I basically got what I expected: The Splendid Utility on the other hand asus g2s audio a piece of software that allows you to customize the screens settings for your personal preference, and for specific uses.

Asus G2S User Review

We saw a respectable PCMark05 score of 5, points higher than that of the X But then again, portability tends to be a nonissue for gamers anyway.

Weighing in at a massive 9. The Satellite XS is asus g2s audio powerful gaming ring. Asus G2S view large image.