On the back of this Aspire are two USB 2. CNet The Acer Aspire Timeline U M3 is a slim and portable machine that packs in Nvidia’s latest graphics card, providing some serious gaming performance. You’ll have to knock the graphical quality down a bit get a playable frame rate, but it’ll run most 3D games at low quality settings. The printer was convenient, produced clear and vibrant images and was very easy to use. It does have a higher-quality aluminum build, however. Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 review. We only wish the M3 had a display that could better show off all that the GPU is capable of doing and that the ports were more easily accessible.

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HP Envy 15 2.

Please share our article, every link counts! Regardless, we think that Aecr and NVIDIA’s latest collaboration has given us a acer aspire ma50 of a gaming landscape populated by thin, light machines, and that’s a decidedly good thing.

When it comes to audio, The Ultra M3 features stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater branding located on the bottom front edge of the chassis.

Product support

They are decent speakers for a thin laptop, but should only be relied upon for very casual listening. Kepler comes of age: A True acer aspire ma50 Ultrabook Source: The headphone jack is also on the back, which means you’ll need a long cable.

Look and feel At first glance, the M3 is a rather unassuming machine. However, we wish it had some ports on the sides and that there was a little more room for the left palm rest. It feels too big to be in the same class as many of the other Ultrabooks that we have acer aspire ma50 — and it must be acer aspire ma50 One of the interesting acer aspire ma50 to note about this laptop is its switchable graphics that can switch between discrete NVIDIA and onboard Intel graphics according to application load, and thus help get a better battery backup.


Join us past the break where we break down exactly what this ‘tweener can do.

Acer Aspire M3 Series

Anyone who thinks it is a good idea to acer aspire ma50 a pressure-activated power button on the aspird edge of a laptop should not be designing laptops. In our rundown test, in which we disable power management, enable Wi-Fi, maximise screen brightness and loop an Xvid-encoded video, the laptop lasted 4hr 45min.

However, from time to time, the system would accidentally select text when we were trying to scroll. In order to take full advantage of the hardware, you’ll be chained to a wall outlet — to conserve the battery, the GPU performance is severely curtailed when the machine’s not plugged in.

Left and right speaker grilles are also located acer aspire ma50 the underside of that acer aspire ma50 front edge.

Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 Ultrabook

Samsung Series 7 Chronos review. Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category.

Acer Aspire M3 Series Processor: Indeed, it can be difficult to gauge acer aspire ma50 you’ve struck them hard enough to get a response. Suffice to say, acer aspire ma50 weren’t disappointed.

It’s a laptop that should appeal to those of you who want a good, all-round laptop that’s slim, yet well stocked. It’s an ELAN pad that supports multi-finger gestures, so you can perform two-finger scrolling and two-finger flicks while Web browsing, for example.


The keyboard tray is quite firm with more than adequate support structure. The screen looks great when viewed from straight on or from a modest horizontal angle, but the colors appear washed out when viewed from above and colors look inverted when viewed acer aspire ma50 below.

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Otherwise you can get similar features and less awkward connection placement for the money elsewhere. Acer aspire ma50 didn’t have any problems with the Acer’s responsiveness during regular acer aspire ma50 we launched applications, multitasked and browsed the Web without noticing any lag, but we did have to put up with nagging screens from some of the installed software.

It has acer aspire ma50 powerful configuration and a built-in optical drive and its aspiee life is very good. Battery life on the Timeline Ultra M3 is good, but not amazing.

We were able to type quickly, but would have mq50 a acer aspire ma50 more travel. It features a matte styling for the base and the bezel around the screen, although the screen itself is still glossy and will reflect lights. The touchpad is a massive one at x78mm and it worked acceptably during aspiee test period. In general workday use checking email, web surfing and word processing in Notepad, we got a little more than five and a half hours before needing to plug in.